I've always had a lot of energy.....

Back in 2014 I found myself surrounded by uncertainty in my career and a recent failed relationship that left me asking, "What happened there?" At the time I was and still am Zumba fitness crazy and despite coming out of a class feeling like I had been to a Brazilian carnival I wasn't truly centred. My mind is like a fireworks display and I yearned to be more like the state of a serene lake rather than the busy ducks quacking around in it.

Speaking to a close friend one day she raved about recently trying hot yoga and the amazing cathartic experience she'd had. Quite unexpectedly she'd actually left a class crying, one of those uncontrollable outpouring of emotion moments, (not what I was looking for) but nevertheless I thought it worth a try and went along to a local studio.

In honesty, I was expecting a bit of stretching similar to my Mom's 80s workout DVDs but man it was an all encompassing physical, mental and emotional challenge. I found the OM chant quite perplexing but at the end I felt a great weight had come off my shoulders. I left the studio soaked in sweat but with my head held high and I knew right there and then that this was the beginning of a meaningful and illuminating journey.

I've so far met some delightful and interesting people from all walks of life that have led to me to becoming a Yoga Teacher. If your looking to start your own journey join the mail list and follow me on Instagram. I'll be sharing quick tips, pose corrections, snippets of yoga philosophy, top destinations for retreats and training as well as a reading list of my favourite books.

Can't wait to hear your story too.


Remember: "Inner calmness and peace lead to a contented life"


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